Acianthera strupifolia

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Epidendroideae
Tribe Epidendreae
Subtribe Pleurothallidinae
Scientific name Acianthera strupifolia (Lindley) Pridgeon & M. W. Chase
Synonyms Humboldtia strupifolia Kuntze; Pleurothallis bicolor Lindley; Pleurothallis glaucophylla Hoehne; Pleurothallis hookeri Regel; Pleurothallis strupifolia Lindley
Distribution Brazil
Reference  Acianthera strupifolia (Lindl.) Pridgeon & M.W. Chase
Analysis of the DNA-Based Reclassification of the Pleurothallidinae
Pleurothallis strupifolia Lindl. 1839
Note Photos below are those of an orchid which was cultivated by Mr. Toshinori Yuhora and displayed as Pleurothallis strupifolia at the Orchid Show 2008 in Spa Resrot Hawaiians (Fukushima Prefecture, Japan).

November 2008
at Spa Resrot Hawaiians
November 2008
at Spa Resrot Hawaiians