Aeranthes ramosa

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Epidendroideae
Tribe Vandeae
Subtribe Angraecinae
Scientific name Aeranthes ramosa Rolfe
Synonyms Aeranthes brevivaginans H. Perrier; Aeranthes ramosus Cogniaux; Aeranthes vespertilio Cogniaux
Distribution Madagascar
Reference Aeranthes ramosa Rolfe
Aeranthes ramosa Rolfe
Note Photo below in Spa Resort Hawaiians is that of an orchid (Aerth. ramosa 'Nissho') which was cultivated by Mr. Yuji Motohashi and displayed at the Orchid Show 2006 in Spa Resort Hawaiians (Fukushima Prefecture, Japan).

November 2005
at Spa Resort Hawaiians
August 2011
at Mochidzuki Orchid Nursery