Bulbophyllum lobbii

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Epidendroideae
Tribe Podochilaeae (also placed in Dendrobieae)
Subtribe Bulbophyllinae
Scientific name Bulbophyllum lobbii Lindley
Synonyms Bullbophyllum claptonense Rolfe; Bullbophyllum henshallii Lindley; Bulbophyllum lobbii Lindley var. henshallii (Lindley) Henfrey; Bulbophyllum lobbii Lindley var. siamense Reichenbach f.; Bulbophyllum siamense Reichenbach f.; Phyllorchis lobbii (Lindley) Kuntze; Sarcobodium lobbii (Lindley) Beer; Sarcopodium lobbii (Lindley) Beer var. henshallii Henfrey; Sestochilos uniflorum Breda
Distribution Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Kalimantan, Indonesia, Myanmar, India
Reference Bulbophyllum lobbii 'Kathy's Gold'AM/AOS Lindley 1847
Bulbophyllum lobbii Lindl.
Note Photo at United States Botanic Garden below is of an orchid which was cultivated by the United States Botanic Garden and displayd as Bulbophyllum lobbii 'Kathy's Gold'AM/AOS.

April 2007
at Tsukuba Botanical Garden
April 2007
at Tsukuba Botanical Garden
May 2006
at United States Botanic Garden