Cattleya loddigesii var. alba

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Epidendroideae
Tribe Epidendreae
Subtribe Laeliinae
Scientific name Cattleya loddigesii Lindley var. alba
Synonyms (Synonyms of Cattleya loddigesii Lindley)
Cattleya arembergii Scheidweiler; Cattleya obrieniana Rolfe; Cattleya ovata Lindley; Epidendrum canaliculatum Vellozo; Epidendrum harrisoniae Reichenbach f.; Epidendrum loddigesii Reichenbach f.; Epidendrum violaceum Loddiges
Distribution Brazil, Paraguay
Reference Cattleya loddigesii
Cattleya loddigesii Lindl. 1823
Cattleya loddigesii Lindl.
Note Photo below is that of an orchid (C. loddigesii alba 'Pitero') which was cultivated by Mr. Ryoji Tsuboi and displayed at the Orchid Show 2007 in Ginza Matsuzakaya (Tokyo, Japan).

January 2007
at Ginza Matsuzakaya