Coelogyne nitida

Tribe Coelogyneae
Subtribe Coelogyninae
Scientific name Coelogyne nitida (Wallich ex D. Don) Lindley
Synonyms Broughtonia nitida Herbert ex Sweet; Coelogyne conferta auct.; Coelogyne nitida Lindley forma candida Roeth; Coelogyne ocellata Lindley; Coelogyne ochracea Lindley; Coelogyne ochracea Lindley subsp. conferta Parish & Reichenbach f.; Coelogyne punctulata Lindley var. conferta (Parish & Reichenbach f.) T. Tang & F. T. Wang; Cymbidium nitidum Wall. ex D. Don; Pleione nitida (Lindley) Kuntze
Distribution China, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, India
Reference Coelogyne nitida Lindley 1828
Coelogyne nitida (Wall. ex D. Don) Lindl.
Note Photos below are of an orchid (Coelogyne ochracea 'Nagoya') which was cultivated by Suwada Nursery and displayed at the Flower Dome 2007 in Nagoya Dome (Aichi Prefecture, Japan).

March 2007 at Nagoya Dome March 2007 at Nagoya Dome March 2007 at Nagoya Dome