Gastrorchis pulchra

Tribe Arethuseae
Subtribe Bletiinae
Scientific name Gastrorchis pulchra Humbert & H. Perrier
Synonyms Phaius pulcher (Humbert & H. Perrier) Summerhayes
Distribution Madagascar
Reference Gastrorchis pulchra Humbert & H. Perrier
Phaius pulcher (Humbert & H. Perrier) Summerh. 1964
Note Photos below are those of an orchid which was cultivated by Nakano Orchid Nursery and displayed at the Orchid Show 2008 in Tokyo Dome (Tokyo Japan).
This orchid was displayed as Gastrorchis schlechteri 'Fredensborg'. Gastrorchis schlechteri Fran├žais is a synonym of Gastrorchis humblotii (Reichenbach f.) Schlechter var. schlechteri (H. Perrier) Senghas ex Bosser & P. J. Cribb (syn. Phaius humblotii Reichenbach f. var. schlechteri (H. Perrier) Bosser; Phaius schlechteri (H. Perrier) Summerhayes). However said orchid was in fact Gastrorchis pulchra 'Fredensborg'. I examned these based on Johan and Clare Hermans, David Du Puy, Phillip Cribb and Jean Bosser, Orchid of Madagascar second edition, Kew Publishing, 2007.

February 2008
at Tokyo Dome
February 2008
at Tokyo Dome