Habenaria rhodocheila

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Orchidoideae
Tribe Orchideae
Subtribe Orchidinae (also placed in Habenariinae)
Scientific name Habenaria rhodocheila Hance
Synonyms Habenaria militaris Reichenbach f.; Habenaria militaris Reichenbach f. var. philippinensis Ames; Habenaria pusila Reichenbach f.; Habenaria rhodocheila Hance subsp. philippinensis (Ames) Christenson; Habenaria rhodocheila Hance var. philippinensis (Ames) Ames; Habenaria xanthocheila Ridley; Smithanthe rhodochelia (Hance) Szlachetko & Margonska; Smithanthe rhodochelia (Hance) Szlachetko & Margonska subsp. philippinensis (Ames) Szlachetko & Margonska
Distribution China, Thailand
Reference Habenaria rhodocheila Hance 1856
Habenaria rhodocheila Hance
Characterization and taxonomic placement of Rhizoctonia-like endophytes from orchid roots

July 2009
at Tsukuba Botanical Garden
July 2009
at Tsukuba Botanical Garden