Lycaste lasioglossa

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Epidendroideae (also placed in Vandoideae)
Tribe Maxillarieae
Subtribe Lycastinae
Scientific name Lycaste lasioglossa Reichenbach f.
Synonyms Lycaste macropogon Reichenbach f.; Maxillaria lasioglossa Beer
Distribution Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras
Reference Lycaste lasioglossa Rchb. f. 1872
Lycaste lasioglossa Rchb.f. 1872
Note Photo below is of an orchid (Lyc. lasioglossa 'Hiroshi') which was cultivated by Mr. Hiroshi Nakatsuka and displayed at the Orchid Show 2006 in Spa Resort Hawaiians (Fukushima Prefecture, Japan).

November 2006
at Spa Resort Hawaiians