Phalaenopsis sumatrana

Tribe Vandeae
Subtribe Aeridinae
Scientific name Phalaenopsis sumatrana Korthals & Reichenbach f.
Synonyms Phalaenopsis acutifolia Lindley; Phalaenopsis inscriptiosinensis Fowlie; Phalaenopsis zebrina Teijsmann & Binnend; Polychilos sumatrana (Korth & Reichenbach f.) Shim
Distribution Indonesia [Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar]
Reference Phalaenopsis sumatrana Korth. & Rchb. f.
Phalaenopsis sumatrana (Korth. & Rchb.f 1860)
Phalaenopsis sumatrana, Korth & Rchb. F., 1860
Note Some authors argue that Phalaenopsis sumatrana is endemic to Indonesia (Southern Sumatra) and different from Phalaenopsis zebrina Teijsmann & Binnend (cf. J. B. Comber, Orchid of Spatra, pp. 859-860).
Photos below are of an orchid which was cultivated by Kyoto Botanical Garden and displayed as Phalaenopsis sumatrana 'Karasawa'.

June 2007
at Kyoto Botanical Garden
June 2007
at Kyoto Botanical Garden