Pleurothallis restrepioides

Tribe Epidendreae
Subtribe Pleurothallidinae
Scientific name Pleurothallis restrepioides Lindley
Synonyms Elongatia restrepioides (Lindley) Luer; Humboldtia fritillaria (Reichenbach f.) Kuntze; Humboltia fritillaria (Reichenbach f.) Kuntze; Humboltia restrepiodes (Lindley) Kuntze; Pleurothallis atroviolacea F. Lehmann & Kränzlin; Pleurothallis fritillaria Reichenbach f.; Stelis restrepioides (Lindley) Pridgeon & M. W. Chase
Distribution Ecuador, Peru
Reference Pleurothallis restrepioides Lindl. 1836
Pleurothallis restrepioides Lindl.
Note Photo below is of an orchid (Pths. restrepioides 'Dragonstone' CBR/AOS) which was cultivated by Mr. Akira Kobayashi and displayed at the Orchid Show 2007 in Ginza Matsuzakaya (Tokyo, Japan).

Junuary 2007
at Ginza Matsuzakaya