Trichoglottis pusilla

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Epidendroideae
Tribe Vandeae
Subtribe Aeridinae
Scientific name Trichoglottis pusilla (Teijsmann & Binnendijk) Reichenbach f.
Synonyms Trichoglottis cochlearis Reichenbach f.; Vanda pusilla Teijsmann & Binnendijk
Distribution Indonesia
Reference Trichoglottis pusilla (Teijsm. & Binn.) Rchb. f. 1856
Trichoglottis pusilla (Teijsm. & Binn.) Rchb. f.
Note Photos below is that of an orchid (Trichoglottis pusilla 'Kaovin') which was cultivated by Hachinohe Orchid Nursery and displayed at the Orchid Show 2009 in Tokyo Dome (Tokyo, Japan).

February 2009
at Tokyo Dome